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NTC sensor shape commonly used temperature sensor

NTC sensor shape commonly used temperature sensor

NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor is a kind of heat sensitive semiconductor resistor, its resistance value with the increase of temperature, and temperature coefficient of resistance in 2% ~ 6% / k/k range, which is about 10 times higher than the metal temperature coefficient of resistance. The change of the NTC thermistor resistance value can be caused by the external environment changes of temperature, can also be due to current flow through, fever caused by itself. He is based on all kinds of this feature. NTC thermistor is composed of mixed oxide polycrystalline ceramics. Conductive mechanism of this material is quite complex. Is the domestic earlier production NTC thermistor professional manufacturers, the company production of NTC thermistor is widely used in all kinds of handheld devices and miniaturization of electronic devices, are widely used in all kinds of temperature measurement and temperature compensation, relying on technology advantage in the field of thermal resistor, produce a stable performance and reasonable price of temperature sensor products, products are widely used in military, medical, and human life, industrial automation, automobile, security fire, home appliances, communications and other need temperature or overheating protection areas and occasions. NTC temperature sensors usually consist of two or three kinds of metal oxides, clay mixed in a similar fashion, and forging firing density in the high temperature furnace sintering ceramics. Oxygen link metals tend to provide free electrons. Ceramics are usually very good insulators. But only in theory, when temperatures close to absolute zero, the thermistor type ceramic is this kind of situation. However, when the temperature increased to one of the more common range, the thermal excitation throws a growing number of free electrons. As many electronic load flow through ceramic, effective resistance is reduced. The change of resistance with temperature is very sensitive. Typical changes for each c decrease (-) 7 [%] to 3 [%]. When any sensor for use in wide temperature range is the most sensitive. Rated temperature resistance depends on the resistivity of basic material, size and geometry shape, as well as the electrode contact area. Thick and narrow the resistance of the thermistor has relatively high, and the shape is thin and wide has low resistance. Actual size also is very flexible, they can be as small as. 010 inches or very small diameter. Maximum size is almost no limit, but usually apply below half an inch.

The structure of the temperature sensor:

NTC thermistor, the probe group (us). With a thermistor enclosure, extend the lead, sometimes with a combination of a joint product thermistor group (us).


Generally consists of NTC thermistor, probe (metal shell or plastic shell, extend the lead, and metal terminal, or even the end device


Measured by the NTC thermistor in a certain power, resistance with the temperature rising and falling fast. Using this feature, NTC thermistors can be measured by its resistance to determine the appropriate temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of testing and controlling temperature.


Air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, water dispensers, heaters, dishwashers, disinfection cabinet, washing machines, dryers and other home appliance equipment.

Automotive air conditioning, water temperature sensor, air intake temperature sensor, engine

Low switching power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, inverter, electric boiler, etc

Intelligent toilet, electric blanket, etc


High sensitivity, fast response speed

Low resistance and B value, high accuracy, interchangeability good consistency

Adopts double sealing technology, with good insulation sealing and mechanical impact resistance, flexural folding ability

Simple structure and flexible, stem can be set according to customers' different requirements.